Nice Kitty

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5 Responses to “Nice Kitty”

  1. Beautiful photo showing that some cats don’t mind getting wet. I’m guessing this is in the Sundarbans, assuming it’s a photo of a wild tiger. This is a place I would like to get to one day, possibly as my last trip. Tiger attacks on humans are not uncommon in the area. Therefore, this could be a good way, when my time comes, to make a real commitment to the survival of an endangered species, rather than the contributions I currently make.

    In case anyone is unaware off the contribution/commitment reference, the analogy is that in a bacon and eggs breakfast, the hen has made a contribution; the pig has made a commitment.

  2. So you would like to finish up as Purina Tiger Chow? Har!

  3. Hop,

    I’ve seen worse ways to go. In 1990, I lost a friend to AIDS. Eaten by a tiger doesn’t sound too bad. What better way to get that Zen oneness with the tiger than by having the meat that was me become the meat that is him?

    Perhaps I could even scratch behind the ears a few times or under the chin before succumbing to my injuries and being food. I just hope that I wouldn’t be too toxic to the poor tiger.

    I hope this doesn’t depress the readers of your blog too much. I personally find thoughts like this rather amusing and even hopeful. I doubt I’ll really get the chance to become tiger muscle. But, such thoughts are not at all depressing to me.

  4. As much as I like cats (I have five,) I don’t think I could scratch a big one behind the ears as he was mauling me to death.

  5. Scott,

    Have I got some bears who’d like to meet you next Spring!

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