Fascinating Account of Spider-Web Building


5 Responses to “Fascinating Account of Spider-Web Building”

  1. All creatures great and small…….

    Spiders are very amazing.

  2. Anyone who eats mosquitoes is OK with me. I like spiders a lot. This account of the web building though makes me appreciate them more. I’m always quite careful not to break webs when hiking, assuming I see them. Now, I’ll likely be even more careful.

  3. If you do break one, they can make another in an hour! Amazing!

  4. Hop, true that they can make a new one in an hour. However, consider how long these spiders live. I don’t know the answer to that, but doubt they can live the 18 or so years that some tarantulas manage. If they live less than a year, an hour would be a lot of work for them. I wouldn’t want to make them redo it.

    Hell, I hope to live to my U.S. life expectancy of 73 and I don’t like when I lose an hour of code due to computer crash or other mishap. Tell me that you don’t save your work at least once an hour to avoid losing it.

  5. Are you saying we need to invent a spider-web backup? 😀

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