An American Car


8 Responses to “An American Car”

  1. If that car could talk, I’m sure it would say “Supersize me!” 😀

  2. Reminiscent of the 1-ton man!

  3. That’s the Pillsbury Doughboy’s car, right?

  4. Hmm…. I’ve never before considered the concept of obesity as it applies to automobiles. I’m now imagining similar Humpers and Naggravators and Land Bruisers and Path Grinders and ….

  5. You should copyright those names. They might come in handy in the future.

  6. Hop,

    The one that really makes no sense to me though is how the marketing department at Nissan allowed a vehicle to be called the Morono.

    I forgot to add Land Hoover, Ford Exploder, and the original Humper, the Humpmee. Anyone have a good one for the Cadillac Escalade? Expectorade? Esplanade? What about for the Ford Expedition? Extradition doesn’t really work for the purpose.

  7. If you stop and think about it, the Jap and Korean cars have a lot of goofy names that probably mean something in their language but just sound goofy in English.

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