Waking up Canadian!

Over the last eight years, of course, I thought about this pretty often. My kin up on PEI say they’ll all swear I was born up there. Though my father’s generation all worked hard at swearing they were all born down south of the GWN.

It surely must be nice to be a citizen of a land that doesn’t think it owns the world.


3 Responses to “Waking up Canadian!”

  1. Mr Gilly Says:

    If the truth is ever told, there is a lot more than one country hidden in the GWN. The lower 48 only have 4 time zones and we have 5 1/2, eh!

    Then there are enclaves in all of those 5 that make me think there is at least 8 nations under the Maple snow flakes!

    And if you think that some Canucks don’t care about owning anything, just tell an Albertan that it is Canada’s oil NOT Alberta’s. You will get re-educated quickly.

    Also tell a Newfie he is wrong to earn money killing and skinning Seals for meat and fur.

    Now, my Spud Island friend, when is Stomping Tom going to come back to Canada to sing? Or is the price of plywood too high?

    And since I am from just West of Saskabush, what is all this nostalgia for “Corner Gas” about? That is the phoniest sit com ever to hit the air waves, and an insult to the Grow Wheat Now, since I was born in the WW2 hysteria of 1940.

    Finally, while you may think that everyone in Canuckistan cares about what you think matters, just maybe the collapse of Gen Mtrs and Chryco will get these Trillium sniffers to stop contemplating their own navels. Just maybe that is!

    So make up your mind whether to fish or cut bait and for which Coast, too! I know I prefer the left or wet Coast since Salmon taste better than Herring IMHO, not!

  2. Now, when did you people start thinking that Salmon is only a Left Coast fishie? My aunt Anne was known as the leading sport fishing woman on PEI – and that was for hook and reel of the stealthy Atlantic Salmon.

    Though I still prefer cod over halibut.

  3. Mr Gilly Says:

    Atlantic Salmon are in fact a member of the Trout family along with Rainbows, Cut Throat, Golden and Browns. If they are wild raised, not pen fed, they are every bit as good especially sea run variety.
    The easiest to raise are the Arctic Char which are the most docile in captivity. They along with Brookies, Auroras, and Lakers have finer scales and are more recent in origin.
    The Pacific Salmon seem to be the ones most easily transplanted as is the Great Lakes experience.
    Also the Wet Coast has its fair share of both Cod and Halibut. If given the choice of any of the above over pork or lamb, I’ll take fin before fried sweater any day!

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