One Man Band

A cover version of Boston’s “Foreplay/Long Time” presented in split screen. Jon Baglo playing all the instruments. Spencer Needham doing all the bg vocals. And featuring the amazing David Steele on lead vocal.


4 Responses to “One Man Band”

  1. One of these days you’re absolutely going to have to figure out how to count to one, as in “One Man” Band.

  2. He played all of the instruments. A couple of other guys did the vocals. The lead vocal was excellent.

  3. Jon played all of the instruments; his friend, Spencer sang bg’s; our friend a studio singer sang the lead. IF you really like this video, add it to your website or facebook and ask your friends to do the same. He’s nearly up to 100,000 views – would love to see him pass that mark real soon.

  4. Loose Stool With Cheese Says:

    Really impressive. In some ways, I like that better than the original and Boston is one of my favorite bands, so that’s saying a lot. David Steele is an incredible singer.

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